Delect-Abilities Program

Giving back to our community is at the heart of our core values here at Bibby's Cakes.  We value our community and customers as the key to our small business.  


We have worked for 25+ years with the differently abled population in several capacities.  We would like to continue to foster the wonderful relationships in a way that we know best, through providing amazing celebration cakes! 


We are beyond excited to announce our Delect-Abilities program.  Beginning September 2019 we will hold a monthly random drawing to select one lucky winner who will win a fully donated celebration cake (8" 24 servings). Please read eligibility information below to find out more about the Delect-Abilities program.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Submission form (on the right) must be completed in its entirety

  • Must be 21 years old or younger

  • One selectee will be selected on the first of the month from a pool of entries submitted prior to the first of that month, who indicate the celebration date is during the next month. (Example: Sept. 1, we will hold a random drawing using only the submissions that indicate celebration dates in October).  However, do not wait to submit the form no matter what the celebration date is, submit your form ASAP

  • Once selectee has been identified, they will be contacted by Bibby's Cakes to confirm proof of disability determination from SSA and age requirements have been met- if requirements are not met within 5 days, a new winner will be selected.

  • Selectee will then work with Bibby's Cakes to identify theme, design and size of the cake.

    • Bibby's will do our best to match the theme however, the final design will be left to the discretion of Bibby's Cakes

    • It is the selectee representatives responsibility to inform Bibby's of any dietary requirements. We will do our best to address them as best as possible however, we cannot guarantee that the kitchen was free of trace ingredients during preparation. If dietary/allergy is of critical nature we will work with you but may be unable to continue and will need to select a new participant for everyones safety

  • Once date has been accepted by Bibby's no date changes will be accepted. If unable to accept the cake on the agreed upon date the cake will be cancelled.  

  • Once design has been finalized and agreed upon no design changes will be accepted

  • Bibby's Cakes has the sole right to determine eligibility of all submissions

  • Any submissions that include false or misleading information will be immediately ineligible to participate in this or any future programs. 


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